Pashmina – Arabic Henna Design Collection Ebook

$ 15.00

Pashmina Design Collection

  • 21 Printable Henna Designs
  • Indo-Arabic and Khaleeji styles
  • Ideal for Intermediate and Advanced level Henna Artists
  • Pictures shown are of artwork executed based on the designs in the ebook
  • More photos can be found at the artist’s instagram account @hennabydevakysdharan


This is my third eBook on Arabic henna designs. I thank my henna family for constantly keeping their faith in me and demanding new eBooks. I appreciate all those who enquired about me when in disappeared off of social media during my honeymoon.This book is for advanced henna artists. Hence it requires quite a bit of expertise to apply this style in henna. It is mostly based on current trends in Middle Eastern designs. This book is my rendition of the design styles.

There are 21 new designs and bonus of printable versions of all the designs published in social media. I have included a sample design from the upcoming Bridal design eBook. If you need any help regarding the designs or if you would like to drop in a word, please feel free to contact me through any one of the contacts mentioned in the previous page.

I’d like to extend my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to my husband Aghosh Babu, who helped me put this ebook together as well as designed my website. To all the artists who continue to support and appreciate my work,

Thank You all!!
Devaky S. Dharan


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